Honoring the life of Benjamin Orton

My grandson Caleb's good friend died recently. Benjamin Orton and Caleb Moody share their love, their similar experience of living life without a functioning brain and families who have immensely treasured having these two celestial boys in their home.

My daughter April and her friend Emily (who also has a son with special needs) went to New Hampshire to attend the funeral and support Ben's mother and their dear friend Becky.

I feel so honored to know you Ben.  Thank you for being Caleb's friend.  We will miss you and the light you brought into our lives.  You life was short but rich.  Thank you for sharing your love with us.


Becky said...

I sure love you Mom B! xoxo And I'm so grateful to have your daughter in my life. We are kindred spirits.

shirlgirl said...

What a beautiful post. I met your sweet April at Ben's funeral. She came over to me and said, "I just had to meet you. I love you." I was so touched. I also introduced her to my husband, Becky's Uncle David. You have a beautiful daughter, and the bond that she and Becky share is unbreakable. I'm so glad that she has had the chance to spend time with April and family in their new home and to also have Stevie there as well--she is an awesome child.