Happy Birthday Letter to a Five-Year-Old

March 20, 2009

Dear Sammy,

I am so excited you are turning 5 years old today. You are such an awesome little boy and I love you so much. The last time I saw you, you ran into my arms yelling, “Grandma!” and gave me the biggest hug in the whole world. I felt SO happy I almost danced a jig.
I still remember the day you were born. Your mom’s family was at a party at your Uncle Jordan’s house. When we got home from the party, your parents called me from the hospital and told me that you were about to be born. We were worried because you weren’t supposed to be born for several more months. We prayed so hard that you would be safe.
When we got to the hospital, you came into this world so fast. You were so tiny that the doctors and nurses had to help you breathe and eat. We worried you might die but you didn’t. You surprised everybody because you were SO strong. You had to stay in the hospital for a long time so you could grow bigger and stronger. Your mommy stayed with us while you grew and grew. Our whole family was so happy you were born. We thanked Heavenly Father for you every day.
When you were a baby sometimes your Mommy and Daddy would let you come and visit me. You would peek at me from your car seat and look deep into my eyes for a long time. Then you would smile at me like you missed me and were happy to see me. I felt like I had sparklers inside my tummy every time you smiled at me. I was so excited whenever I found out you were coming to my house. You were my first grandchild with dark brown hair like me. Did you know your mother used to be my baby and sometimes I still want to wrap her in a blanket and rock her to sleep?
I came to your house after your little sister was born. We snuggled on the couch and read books together. We also danced to your favorite songs and went for walks in the leaves. When you fell asleep on my shoulder I thought I’d slipped into heaven and I never wanted to leave.
One of my favorite things is when you call me on the telephone. When I hear you say, “I love you Grandma,” I feel like a soft bunny inside. Then I want to reach through the telephone wires and hug you so tight your eyes will pop.
Sammy, you are such a handsome, wonderful, energetic, sensitive little boy. I am so proud of you for learning and growing even when things are hard for you. I think about you every day and my heart gets so lonely for you sometimes because you live far away. Sometimes I go look at the French doors in the dining room at my house where you left your hand and nose prints. I touch them and think about you. I don’t wash them off.
Sammy, I am so glad that you are my grandson. Every day I thank Heavenly Father for you. I love you as big as the universe and beyond.

Hugs and kisses,
Grandma Baadsgaard

P.S. My real name is Janene because I was born in January. If you were named after the month you were born your name would be Marchy instead of Sammy.


jenerekfamily said...

I just about died inside, that was so cute! What a perfect birthday letter.

jenerekfamily said...

p.s. I'm Arianne's old BYU roommate, Jen. I went with she and Aubrey to Europe. Plus, I love your family so I can't help but read your blog. ;)

April said...

That was really sweet Mom! What a wonderful Grandma you are!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sam! You have a super grandma!

Arianne said...

Sam carried this letter around for two days straight. He said, "Grandma loves me, huh, mom."