Happy Birthday Mitchell

  Mitchell the Super Hero
                                                                          Granny B

Happy Birthday Mitchell. 
Your Grandma Baadsgaard loves you so very much.
Here's a special story I wrote just for you.

When Mitchell woke up one morning his pajamas seemed a little snug. His wrists were sneaking out the arm holes and he could see his ankles peeking out of the bottom of his pants.

“Mitchell, did you grow two inches last night while you were sleeping?” his mother asked while he was slurping his breakfast cereal.

“I don’t know,” Mitchell answered. “My pajamas do feel tight.”

Then Mitchell's brother Mathew walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes. After he looked at Mitchell his eyes popped wide open.

“Mitchell, when did you get those things?” Mathew asked pointing to Mitchell’s chest and arms.

“What things?” Mitchell answered.

“Bulging muscles,” Mathew said. “You’ve never had those before.

Just then Mitchell's other brother Josh walked into the kitchen yawning. Then he picked up a glass of milk and took a gulp. After he took one look at his five-year-old brother he choked on the milk and sprayed it all over himself.

“When did that happen?” Josh yelled. “My little brother Mitchell is a super-hero!”

Mitchell looked down at his chest and saw ripples of muscles. He stretched out his arms and saw bulging triceps and biceps. He flexed a few times and raised one eyebrow.

“Hey, this is terrific! You guys better watch out,” Mitchell said glaring at his brothers. “No more picked on little brother for this muscle man.”

“Give me your piece of toast,” Mitchell demanded turning to his brother Mathew. “Now!”

Mathew took one look at Mitchell’s bulging muscles and quickly obeyed.

“Give me your rock collection,” Mitchell demanded turning to his brother Josh.

Josh took one look at Mitchell’s triceps and biceps and quickly obeyed.

Wow, Mitchell thought to himself. This superhero stuff if great. I can have whatever I want right when I want it. I have those pesky brothers of mine just where I want them.

Then Mitchell got another idea.

“Mom,” Mitchell declared. “I’m not going to brush my teeth, make my bed or clean up my room anymore.”

“Then you’re not a super hero,” his mother answered. “Super heroes help people. You’re just a bully because you have big muscles now.”

Shucks, Mitchell thought. Why does Mom always have to ruin everything? Maybe she will be afraid of me if I growl.

“GRRRRR!” Mitchell growled baring his ferocious teeth at his mother.

“Josh and Matty, you need to practice your piano before you leave for school,” his mother answered, completely ignoring him.

After his older brothers left for school, Mitchell followed his mother around the house barking out orders. It didn’t work. His mother did the dishes, vacuumed the rug, showered and got dressed. Next she walked into his older brother Caleb’s room and gave him a sponge bath, hooked up his feeding tube and adjusted his ventilator.

Then Mitchell heard the doorbell ring. It was the neighbor lady and she was crying. Mitchell’s mother invited the lady inside and gave her a chocolate chip cookie. Then they sat down together on the couch and talked for a long time.

Mitchell ran through the room several times trying to get the neighbor’s attention. Once he leaped from the couch onto the floor. That didn’t work. The lady kept crying. Then he flexed his muscles. That didn’t work either. Then Mitchell watched his mother put her arms around the neighbor lady and hug her. Pretty soon the neighbor lady stopped crying and smiled.

“Thank you,” the neighbor said as she opened the door to leave. “You always know just what to say to make me feel better. You are my hero.”

Hey, Mitchell thought. I’m the super hero around here.

Then Mitchell watched his mother start cooking in the kitchen.

“It’s not time for lunch yet,” Mitchell said. “Why are you cooking?’

Mr. Williams is going in for surgery today,” she answered. “I thought I’d bring over some supper. Mrs. Williams won’t feel like cooking when she gets home from the hospital tonight.”

Mitchell walked down the hall toward his bedroom to play with his stuffed animals. He peeked in his brother’s Caleb room. He looked lonely. Mitchell got his favorite stuffed snake then crawled up into his brother’s bed. He put the snake next to Caleb’s cheek then put his arm around him and gave him a great big hug.

“I love you Caleb,” Mitchell said. “I’ll always protect you from the bad guys ‘cause I’m a superhero now.”

After Caleb went to sleep, Mitchell got Josh’s rock collection and put it back in his room. Then he picked out two of his favorite plastic super hero guys and put one on each of his brother’s beds. Next he walked into the kitchen and looked at his mother.

“Can I help you cook dinner for the sick guy?” Mitchell asked.

“Yes,” his mother answered.

Mitchell smiled.

“Mitchell to the rescue!” he yelled as he leaped onto the kitchen stool flexing his triceps and biceps in a single bound.


shirlgirl said...

Wonderful story, and Happy Birthday Mitchell. Hope you have a wonderful day and a special one, too.

April said...

Oh Mom- he LOVES his story! It's just pefect-- THANK YOU!!
(He loves his presents too!!!! He stripped down and jumped in the tub as soon as you guys walked out the door to play with his bath stuff :)