Happy Birthday Sandy

To my 

granddaughter Sandy...  

who has a writer’s heart 

like her grandma 


There is something that draws us nearer.
We sense connection to each other . . .
A yearning to find the words
To give meaning to experience . . .
Discover what lies hidden inside us -
An inner longing
To share
Untold stories.
So we reach out to each other
When miles keep us apart.
Sometimes we are afraid
To begin
For fear of being judged.
That is when we must hold each other’s courage . . .
Inspire each other to write the first draft -
As if our words will never be shown to anyone.
For each of us has a story;
We all live through something that changes our heart.

Sandy . . . if there is a book you want to read that has not been written,
You must write it.
If there is a life you want to live, you must live it
Someday I will find just the right way to tell you how much I love you.
Today I must be content with words.