Three-year-old Birthday Poem


by Granny B
Happy third birthday to a very busy and charming little boy. 
I love you Daniel.

When Daniel laid his sleepy head
On the train pillow upon his bed,
He had a dream that made him smile
Of riding trains for miles and miles.
For Daniel loves trains you see -
So when he is awake he likes to be
A conductor with a blaring horn
That blasts his family from night to morn.
Around and around he chugs about
Roaring and screeching as he shouts,
“Toot – toot! Here comes the train!”
He’ll run through you if you remain.
Then with a smile on his face
He circles and circles all over the place
He won’t slow down ‘til Mom says, “Stop!”
And holds up the sign – her kitchen mop
Then says, “All trains will halt right here.
And park your caboose in the rear.”