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When Those We Love Don't Love Us

Perhaps the greatest joy in life is to love and be loved, but often many of us are hurting inside because some of those we choose to love do not love us back. With clear definitions, profound insights, firsthand accounts, and multiple solutions for recovery, this book is an excellent resource for all those seeking to overcome the effects of destructive relationships.

How The Atonement of Jesus Christ Can Heal Broken Hearts and Broken Lives
Abuse is real and it needs to stop. This is an essential volume for those who have been abused, counselors, church leaders, and concerned friends. I share a Christ-centered approach to recognizing abuse, understanding its effects, and helping those who have been abused to heal.

                                                                                                                                                                                     For Every Mother
Celebrating All Stages and Ages of Motherhood

For Every Mother is a heart warming and humorous compilation of essays and stories that will touch the heart of every mother at every stage of life

Is There Life After Birth?

A wonderful resourse of encouragement and ideas for
new mothers with young children.

A Sense of Wonder
Helping Children Discover There Own Self Worth

A feeling of self-worth can be taught best by parents who share their own love of living with their children. The goal of experiencing creativity through self-expression early in life is to help children mature into whole human beings who are truly alive, truly in awe of their surroundings, and themselves, as they stand on the precipice of life en rapt in the wonder of it all. Introduce your child to the beauty and wonder of life through nature and the arts.

Why Does My Mother's Day Potted Plant Always Die? 

If your journey through motherhood isn't always a smooth, celestial highway, if the ups and downs of life have you a little bit carsick, if you're a real, live mother just trying to pull yourself and your family through another year - this book is for you. Every page of this charming book conveys a reassuring message: Mothers are all in this this together.

Families Who Laugh. . . Last 1992/2005

A delightful look at family life gone wild. Her parents will find a handy list of things to worry about, snappy comebacks they can use for comments on pregnancy, detailed analyses on how family reunions and mealtimes work, tips on how to talk teacherese with teachers, and reasons why father can change diapers more easily than mothers. Children will find useful guidelines on how to properly annoy their parents, instructions on how to dirty every glass in the house, and hints on how to get parents to make beds, wash dishes,and take out the garbage for them. With over eighty vignettes and essays, the book describes families at their most exhausting and best. For in every bit of mayhem the author shows the great and marvelous worth of those we love.

On the Roller Coaster Called Motherhood

Get ready for the ride of your life - a ride on the roller coaster called Motherhood! Witty and perceptive, this book will take you on an exhilarating, exhausting, exuberant, exasperating journey through the ups and down, twists and turns of moder mothering. Being a mother is an adventure - the idea is to hold on tight, take a deep breath, and enjoy the whole wild and unpredictable ride.

Family Finances For the Flabbergasted
Financial Freedom for LDS Families 1995/2006

Is there life after debt? If money can't buy happiness, what will? How can you get off the treadmill of our material society and enjoy life-without starving?

Sister Bishop's Christmas Miracle
This is the hilarious tale of an LDS mother who thinks the scare of her life is becoming the bishop's wife, but realizes she's in for a whole lot more when she finds out that her ninth baby is on the way, and her husband would like her to be in change of the ward Christmas program.

Grin and Share It Family life is not for the faint of heart. But those who successfully brave the territory of morning chaos, mealtime mayhem, and evening bedlam have a secret weapon in their arsenal. With a sense of humor, you can outlast just about anything life throws at you. Learn how and laugh while you're doing it in this delightful book.

Expecting JoyWhen LaRue Willey decides to go back to school to finish her degree, she doesn't realize just how much of an education she's in for. After one semester, however, she realizes that her greatest challlenge is still to come. This book describes the difficulties and joys of family life without trivializing them and offers readers a story of mature romance and dedication to church and family. This book is a sequal to Sister Bishop's Christmas Miracle.

The LDS Mother's Almanac

The solid information coupled with down-to-earth advice in this book will take you on a journey through the early days of pregnancy and the excitement of newbeginnings to the time when you finally let your child go with the prayerful hope that something you taught actually stuck. This book is full of practical information, reassuring advice, easy tips, useful suggestions, creative ideas and helpful ideas.

Winter's Promise

Winter's Promise is the moving story of one man's quest to find meaning in suffering and a young woman's struggle to hole fast to lost love. This epic tale, set against the backdrop of early Latter-day history follows Daniel and Emily as they separately cross the rugged western frontier in search of a refuge from the threatening storms in their lives. As the changing seasons pass over their heartbreaking existence with light and darkness, love and loss, Daniel and Emily discover winter's promise.

15 Secrets to a Happy Home
This book can truly help you gain a new sense of contentment and happiness. The author has shared these powerful ideas with thousands of attendees at BYU Education Week and Time Out for Women gatherings. Each chapter concludes with a list of ways you can take each principle and "put it into practice.

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