Happy Birthday Matthew

Dear Matthew,
I'm giving you a soft warm blanket today.  
When you wrap this blanket around you I hope you will think about how much your grandma and the Savior loves you.
Though I love you a whole bunch, He loves you more. He is your comforter, Redeemer, Advocate, Counselor and friend. 
You will never be alone and comfortless with the Savior as your covering. 


Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday 15th Matthew. I love you.

You are my covering
When I am weary
My cloak
When the night is cold
You are my comforter
When I weep
My champion
When I fear
You are my mantle
When I doubt
My protector
When at war
You are my physician
When in pain
My compass
When I am lost
You are my Savior
Redeemer and friend