Happy Birthday Emily

Dear Emily,
Happy fifteenth birthday to an amazing young woman I love with all my heart. As I’ve been getting your present together ready to send to you I’ve been thinking about all the wonderful memories I have with you.
I remember when you were born. We stopped by the hospital when your mother was in labor on our way to send Joseph off on his mission. I was so excited to see you when you came. You were my very first granddaughter. I remember how soft and pink and tiny you were and how much I loved holding you and rocking you.
I remember visiting you in all the places you lived while your dad was in school and starting his first jobs. You always had a loving sweet smile for me and I especially liked it when you would just sit next to me and let me soak you in for a while. I just love being around you.
I’ve watched you develop your talents in music, dance and art. I am amazed at your proficiency for such a young age. Anyone who gets you for a piano teacher is so lucky because you are kind, gentle and patient. You are also a lot of fun to be around.
I’ve watched the kind and patient way you treat all your younger siblings. They are so blessed to have you for their oldest sister. You are such a good example to them.
I have a picture that you made of the cabin that I leave on my refrigerator because every time I look at it, I smile and think of you.
I’m glad that you have a nice group of friends and that you use your time so wisely. You have a special place in our extended family as the oldest granddaughter.  All your nieces look up to you and want to be like you.
I hope you will always be kind, patient and loving with yourself. As you go through these next few years of school and dating, remember that you are strong, you are brave and you have an eternal beauty that shines from within.
I know that you will go through your life being a light and an uplift to all those who are blessed to spend time with you. You are a joy to me and I hope you never forget how deeply you are loved and how precious you are.
I will always be your biggest fan.
All my love,
Grandma Baadsgaard