Happy 14th Birthday Emily

June 29, 2016
Dear Emily,
Can you believe you’re going to be fourteen - the age Joseph Smith was when he entered the grove of trees? I’m sure that he thought of himself as a simple farm boy. God saw his heart and his soul. That is how God sees you. Your value is absolute and never changes. You are a daughter of God with limitless potential.
I’ve watched you grow up with so much joy. You always have a ready smile and a twinkle in your eye. You always have a hug and the warmth of your personality to share. You are smart, capable, hardworking, talented, kind, loving, a great leader and so much fun to be around.
You have been a blessing to everyone who knows you. I see you quietly helping out where ever you see a need. You have a kind sensitive soul. You also have a great personality and a great wit.  
When I was your age I liked to go for walks in nature and find a quiet peaceful place to think and pray. While I was thinking and praying I felt the love of God for me in such a way that I have a peaceful place in my heart everywhere I go. I know that things will work out and that I am worthy of love. I am enough. Even though I know I have lots of things I need to do to improve myself I know that I need to be kind and patient with myself as I make mistakes.
I hope you are kind to yourself. I hope you find ways to be alone and think and pray. I hope you know how much your heavenly parents love you. When you know your value to your core then nothing that life throws at you knock you down for good. You will always have the strength to pull yourself back up and try again.
You have a wonderful mother and father who love you very much and want the best for you. You have awesome brothers and sisters who are your best friends. In a few short years you will be leaving home and finding your way in the world. Remember you are never alone even when you are physically alone. You are never spiritually alone. God is always with you and has all the time in the world to know and love you. Jesus Christ really is your brother and best friend. He really knows exactly how you feel because He has felt it. Your loving family - both on earth and on the other side of the veil - is also with you in spirit.
I hope you know that you are valuable just because you are you. You are loved. You are treasured and you are cherished. Your Grandma sees your beautiful soul and delights in your presence. God bless you with all your hopes and dreams. I will always love you forever.
Love, Grandma Baadsgaard