Happy Birthday Sophia

Raggedy Ann’s Secret

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday precious Sophie. I think you already know the secret.

Once there was a Raggedy Ann doll who just wanted to be loved. She was so desperate for love that she searched and searched and searched for someone to love her. But everyone she found was too busy thinking about their own problems and looking for someone to love them.
Raggedy Ann was discouraged. Everybody around her was downhearted.
How can I find someone to love me if everybody is looking for someone to love them? This is not working. I think I need to learn more about love.
Raggedy Ann decided to go on a learning journey and find the people who knew the secret of love. First she found a newborn baby. But the baby was crying. Raggedy Ann picked up the baby and said soft words while she hugged the baby. The baby stopped crying and smiled.
Raggedy Ann took out her notebook and wrote, “Love says soft words and hugs a lot.”
Next Raggedy Ann found a toddler but the child was too busy learning how to walk. The toddler kept falling down until it stayed down and whimpered.
Raggedy Ann picked up the toddler and said, “That’s Okay. Everybody falls down sometimes. Just get back up and try again.”
The toddler stopped whimpering and tried again.
Raggedy Ann took out her notebook and wrote, “Love picks people up and encourages them to try again.”
Next Raggedy Ann found a school age child who was sitting alone at lunch time looking awfully lonely. She walked up and sat next to the child.
“Can I sit by you?” Raggedy Ann asked.
“Why sure,” the lonely child said. “Sit right here. You want some of my desert?” she answered with a smile.
“Sure,” Raggedy Ann answered.
Raggedy Ann took out her notebook and wrote, “Love looks for someone who is lonely and makes a friend. Love shares treats and smiles.”
Next Raggedy Ann found a young mother with many children but she was too busy trying to clean and fix supper. She looked tired.
Raggedy Ann walked up to the mother and said, “Can I watch your children while you take a nap?”
“Oh, thank you,” the mother said. “I am so tired.”
Raggedy Ann took out her notebook and wrote, “Love helps people when they are tired.”
Next Raggedy Ann found an old man who looked sad.
“What can you teach me about love,” Raggedy Ann asked the old man.
“If you are kind, you have lots of friends. If you are mean you have lots of enemies.”
Raggedy Ann took out her notebook and wrote, “Love is kind.”
That’s when Raggedy Ann knew the secret  . . .  She took out her notebook and wrote, “Love is a choice to be kind, pick people up, say soft words and hug a lot.”
“I can do that,” Raggedy Ann said.
Then Raggedy Ann grew up and had many children of her own. She made lots of friends. She loved her friends and family with all her heart. Some of her friends and family loved her back and some were too busy with their own problems. She didn’t let that stop her. For now she knew the secret of love.
“I can’t control how many people love me, but I can control how many people I love,” Raggedy Ann said. 


Poem for a Fourteen-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday to my amazing grandson Brad. I sure love you.

                                              Today’s the day I turn fourteen.
Afraid I’m losing my summer tan.
This is my time when I’m stuck between
Being a boy and being a man.

Everyone expects so much of me
Just wish that they could see
I’m trying and trying and trying some more
To be the best person I can be.

So don’t say, “My you’re a long green bean.”
Say, “Why Brad, you are so tall and lean.
You are the most awesome eighth grader
This old world has ever seen.”

Sometimes my voice just has to crack
Right at the world’s worst time -
Like when I’m standing near to her
In a very long lunch line.

I always hope its pizza pie
My favorite lunch in junior high.
And even if she doesn’t sit by me
I breathe a sigh when she walks by.

My pants keep getting way too short
And piles of homework is a bore.
But if I win a game after school
I feel like I can soar.

Fourteen is when you start sprouting hair
In all the places where you used to be bare.
But there’s one thing I know for sure
Some days are hard and some days are fair.

Parents say, “Hurry up, don’t be late,
Teachers say, “Your paper is due on this date.”
There are school dances, Scouts and lots more tests -
Homework, housework and no time to rest.

I want to sleep in when it’s time to get up.
I want to stay up when it’s time for bed.
Mostly I’d rather be riding my skate board instead
And Mom says it’s hard to keep me fed.

But even with all the teen times I have
There’s always mom, sister, brothers and dad
A forever family we’ll always be
So I don’t have to spend even one day sad.

Pretty soon I’ll be done with school
And lots and lots and lots of rules.
But I’ll always need a great big hug
And a large, loving family around to love.


Poem For A Three-Year-Old

Bad Guys Under The Bed
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday to my little super hero . . . Daniel. I love you buddy.

There are bad guys hiding under Daniel’s bed
And when it time to go to sleep
Daniel can’t remember what Mommy said
So he grabs his sword and shield
And his super hero shirt that’s red
He leaves a trail for the bad guys to follow
With little pieces of broken bread
Then Daniel growls and hisses and pokes
And fills the bad guys with dread
Next he leaps to the light switch on the wall
Even though his feet feel like lead
For bad guys vanish with the light
Their nastiness no longer well fed
He turns on the switch with all his might
For then all the bad guys are dead.