Happy Birthday Emily

Dear Emily,
Happy fifteenth birthday to an amazing young woman I love with all my heart. As I’ve been getting your present together ready to send to you I’ve been thinking about all the wonderful memories I have with you.
I remember when you were born. We stopped by the hospital when your mother was in labor on our way to send Joseph off on his mission. I was so excited to see you when you came. You were my very first granddaughter. I remember how soft and pink and tiny you were and how much I loved holding you and rocking you.
I remember visiting you in all the places you lived while your dad was in school and starting his first jobs. You always had a loving sweet smile for me and I especially liked it when you would just sit next to me and let me soak you in for a while. I just love being around you.
I’ve watched you develop your talents in music, dance and art. I am amazed at your proficiency for such a young age. Anyone who gets you for a piano teacher is so lucky because you are kind, gentle and patient. You are also a lot of fun to be around.
I’ve watched the kind and patient way you treat all your younger siblings. They are so blessed to have you for their oldest sister. You are such a good example to them.
I have a picture that you made of the cabin that I leave on my refrigerator because every time I look at it, I smile and think of you.
I’m glad that you have a nice group of friends and that you use your time so wisely. You have a special place in our extended family as the oldest granddaughter.  All your nieces look up to you and want to be like you.
I hope you will always be kind, patient and loving with yourself. As you go through these next few years of school and dating, remember that you are strong, you are brave and you have an eternal beauty that shines from within.
I know that you will go through your life being a light and an uplift to all those who are blessed to spend time with you. You are a joy to me and I hope you never forget how deeply you are loved and how precious you are.
I will always be your biggest fan.
All my love,
Grandma Baadsgaard


Arianne and her family at Ephraim Days

Liam fixing the crust to cook in a dutch oven.
Jared and Logan at the blacksmith forge
Sophia making apple pie from scratch.
My daughter Arianne is amazing. She has learned to make her own soap, card and spin wool from sheep and her own angora rabbit, and weave the most beautiful shawls. She is part of a group of people who donate their time to re-enact the lost skills of our pioneer generation. She made period 1850 clothing for each member member of her family including herself, her husband and six children. What a gift to the community and to her children to keep the skills of their ancestors alive.
We had so much fun going to Ephraim Days today and watching them work their magic.
Arianne weaving a shawl.


Utah Republican Party State Organizing Convention

My husband Ross Baadsgaard is a State Delegate
and is taking part in the Utah Republican Party State Organizing Convention today.
Freedom isn't free - we all have to do our part.


Happy Birthday Libby!

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday my precious Libby. I love you so.

Libby is the queen of everything
She likes to smile, and dance and sing
And when she wears her crown outside
Everything magic come alive
For Libby’s friends are fairies who know
When someone can be trusted to sew
Angel wings with spider web floss
And dew orb bracelets hidden in the moss

She raises her specter with great flair
And says to the birds, “I do so care
For all your lovely little songs
They make my heart sing along
To where wishes come alive at night
Seen only by fairies in the pale moonlight.”

At dusk she waves her scepter with flair
And says to the wee people who are there,
“I’ll bring my lantern here tonight
And watch your grand ball in the blue twilight.
So tell the king that I’ll be there
So his majesty must come prepared
To take my hand and fly with me
Where only our duel royal majesty
Can fly with grandeur through the sky
And float down children’s dreams by and by.”

Those who can imagine what they cannot see
Are royalty who will always be
Kings and queens with wings to fly
Where children’s wishes are made with a sigh.


Happy Birthday Rachel

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday to my sunshine girl. I love you Ray-Ray

Rachel . . . better known as Ray-Ray
Is sunshine walking through my door
And even if I don’t ask for it
She’ll give me a hug and so much more.
For Rachel’s eyes light up when she sees me
And mine eyes light up for her
And when she jumps into my arms
I am pretty darn sure
That I’ve just stepped into heaven
As she holds me oh so tight
And thinks my old Granny face
Is her greatest delight
When I put her down, she nuzzles up to me
And whispers into my ear, “Grandma
Do you have some more treats I can see?”
Rachel knows how to brighten every room
With her twirls and smiles and more
For Ray-Ray is my piece of sunshine
She makes my heart just soar.


Happy Birthday Gideon

by Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday to a wonderful little boy I love!

He eats a bubble
Then floats to the sky
Draws his sword
And fights the bad guys

He kicks a ball
Then watches it go
Up in the air
Both high and low

He jumps on his bed
Then rolls on the floor
Wrestles and tangles
And tickles some more

He climbs on the swing
Then soars through the air
He doesn’t like baths
Runs away in the bare

He slurps when he eats
Then tosses his peas
When mom says, “No!”
He thinks she is a tease

For when you’re four
You climb and giggle
And throw and punch
Run fast and wiggle

When the day is over
You’re still on the run
Don’t want to stop
Having so much fun


Alisa Baadsgaard and Joshua Moody - Honor's Society Program

Another great year in Honor's Society.
My daughter Alisa Baadsgaard and my grandson Joshua Moody
 have been blessed to have each other as best friends
during their high school years.


Happy Birthday Logan

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday Logan. I love you oh so much.

When Logan buried a dollar coin in his back yard garden, he didn’t know what would happen. When his father planted peas, peas grew. When his mother planted corn, corn grew.  So after he planted the dollar Logan watched and waited. Nothing happened for a long time even though Logan checked the ground every day and kept the dirt moist with his watering can.
Then one morning Logan noticed the ground bulging. The next day the ground cracked and out popped a fountain of pennies. When he gathered them into a pile and counted them, there were 100 pennies.
The following day a shining bush with silver dots on the end of each branch grew in the place where he planted the dollar. The silver dots grew and flattened out until they became nickels. When Logan picked them he counted twenty nickels. The following day Logan noticed a green hedge bordering the garden with four large quarters resting on top. The next day Logan found a tree with two large fifty cent pieces dangling in the highest branches.
Logan gathered all his money and counted his treasure.
“I have so much more than I started with,” Logan said. “This is much more than I need. I think I’ll open a free money store.”
So Logan gathered a card table and a chair. Then he opened a money store in his front yard with a sign that said . . . “Get Your Free Money Here. Price = One Promise.”
When the first children stopped by they noticed Logan had a bowl full of pennies, one for nickels, another for quarters and the last one for fifty cent pieces.
“How much for a penny?” the first child asked.
“If you give me a promise, I will give you three pennies.” Logan answered.
“What is the promise?”
“Just promise me that you will do three things with your pennies,” Logan answered. “Promise me that you will save one, spend one and share one.”
The child promised, took the pennies and skipped back home.
Then another child came by and Logan made the same deal.
Soon everyone in the neighborhood had received a small monetary gift from Logan and had given him a promise in return. Before long Logan noticed that the people in his neighborhood seemed to talk to each other more and helped each other with their yards. He also watched as neighbors secretly dropped off gifts to other neighbors.
One day Logan's younger brother asked, “Why did you give all your money away? You could have been rich.”
Logan took the dollar coin out of his pocket and cupped it in his hand.
“Oh, I’m rich alright – rich with friends. And I still have all I need,” Logan answered. “If I kept planting and sharing, I’ll always have enough.”

The greatest joy in living is always in the giving.


JustServe Service Project

Ross helped with a service project for Tabitha's Way yesterday. They are creating a warehouse for their food panty.

New Horizons Orchestra Concert

I love making music
with this wonderful group of people
I have grown to love.
It was a great concert last night.


Happy Birthday Alice

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday my precious Alice.
While you read this poem written just for you - notice the words in italic.
They are taken directly from the book “Alice in Wonderland”.
You are our Alice the Grand who brings wonderland everywhere you are!

Some people fall down a rabbit hole to discover wonder land
I know a girl who popped out of that hole whose name is Alice-the-Grand.

Eat me!” Drink me!” says Mother to Alice with a smile.
“Now it’s time for dinner so stop running for a while.”

“But Mom,” Alice replies, “It takes all the running I can do to keep in the same place.
If I want to get somewhere else, I must run twice as fast!” before I can say grace.

Curiouser and curiouser,” says mother with much care.
“I believe no matter what I do, we’re all mad here.”

Who in the world am I? Ah that’s the great puzzle,” says Alice with a grin.
I think there is a Chesshire cat who will tell me where to begin.
So Alice finds her feline friend and says boldly without fear,
Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
That depends,” Chesshire says, “a good deal on where you want to get to” my dear.

When brothers Griffin and Rylan make a mad dash for her toys
Little Alice stands with her scepter and shouts most boldly
Off with their heads, you scallywag boys
If you want to keep your heads, give me back those toys!”

“That is impossible,” says Rylan with a smirk
“I can’t think without my head – I think you are berserk.”

But Alice holds her stance and says with a mighty blast,
If you can’t think, you wouldn’t talk so fast
So brothers beware if you don’t want a neck cast…
Give those toys back to me or today will be your last!”

Shivering with fear and quaking in their boots
Griffin and Rylan’s hand back the toys and all their sister’s loot

It is no use going back to yesterday,” says Rylan with sigh
“way back then I didn’t see my sister’s greatness by and by.
But now I know and have been enlightened with this mighty scare
No more bothering great queen Alice - even if I dare.”


Nine Mile Canyon

Loved our Nine-mile Canyon trip
during spring break!


Happy Birthday Andrew!

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday to a very special grandson I love.

If Andrew is turning seven
Then he can’t be eleven
So let’s shout hurray
For this birthday boy today

Sometimes he sits still
Other times his wiggle will
Bust right out of his skin
And make the fun begin

For Andrew is like the sun
Before the day is done
He runs fast as the breeze
So remember if you please

He likes a big high jump
His arms are circle pumps
Swings right through the air
So notice if you dare

He will climb right to the moon
Then be back by noon
And eat blueberry pie
When it’s the fourth of July

He also likes to snuggle
And if you give him a huggle
He’ll squeeze your neck so tight
Your heart explodes in delight

For Andrew is a treasure
A jewel without measure
For a boy who is turning seven
Is a little piece of heaven


Payson Temple History

I enjoyed talking to a group of cub scouts at  the Payson Utah Temple this week.

They were especially interested in the cornerstone box that is behind the large stone that reads: Erected 2015.
I was able to share several interesting stories about the temple
from the Payson Temple History book I wrote and compiled.


Happy Birthday Sam

Dear Samuel,
Happy Birthday! You are thirteen years old today - an official teenager. This is such a great time in your life. As your grandma I sure have enjoyed watching you grow up and become such a fine young man.
A few months ago I watched you perform a piano solo at your recital. I was so proud of you because you did something hard. Hours of practice and persistence made it possible for you to perform well. I think learning to play the piano is a lot like learning to become a loving person. With the piano, you start out as a beginner and learn one musical concept at a time. With life, you start out as a baby and learn as you grow. With the piano, first you learn how to read music and then begin playing simple one finger songs. With life, you learn to walk and speak before you can sing and run. With the piano you make slow gradual progress over time and if you don’t give up eventually you can play beautiful concertos. With life, you make slow gradual progress over time and if you don’t give up eventually you will become a strong, kind and compassionate man.
What if we tried to learn to play the piano without making mistakes? That wouldn’t work very well would it? Mistakes are part of learning to play the piano. Mistakes are also part of learning how to become a loving person. Mistakes are part of the process of growing. If you don’t get discouraged and keep trying you will keep improving. Sam, you get to choose what kind of man you want to become. You simply choose who you want to be and then start practicing. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make along the way as long as you don’t give up and keep trying.
I’m giving you some music for four hands. They are called duets. Learning to play a duet takes a special set of skills. That is why many piano teachers require their students to learn a duet. Learning to play music with another person requires that they practice together and learn to discern subtle clues from each other about starting and stopping and how to measure time in the same way. Duets are a lot like striving to develop a loving relationship with another person. Love is not something we give or get. Love is something that two people decide to grow and nurture between them. Both people have to want to grow in love together before this can happen. It works the same way with our relationship with God and our Savior. They always want to grow in love with us but they are patient and wait until we are ready.
In the same way you have regular piano lessons each week where you demonstrate to your teacher that you had been practicing, be sure to report to your Heavenly Parents on your knees in prayer. Talk about your day and what you’ve learned as you try to become more like them. Your Heavenly Parents are the best teachers in the universe. Remember to schedule regular lessons with them. This is called prayer and meditation.
As you live your life, you will make heavenly music for others to hear by the way you treat them. Your love and kindness will let them know how the love of God feels. Your friendly bright personality will brighten the day for all those around you.  Someday the sum total of your deeds of goodness will be your masterpiece – your literal song in the night. God will use your light and goodness to spread love to all those around you as you share your bright and happy melody of love.
Sam, I have enjoyed watching you grow up for the past thirteen years. When I think of you I always smile and feel warm inside. I so enjoy seeing your smiling face come through my front door. I love your passion for life and joy for living and learning. You have an amazing mind and a joyful spirit. I will always be your biggest fan. 

With great love,

Grandma Baadsgaard


Happy Birthday Tessa

Tessa and Her Jungle Room
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday Tessa. I love you so, so much.

There is a girl with a jungle room, her bed perched high in the sky
And every time she goes in there, her animals come alive . . .

First there is a monkey with a silly grin.
If you open your heart, he will wiggle in
He likes to jump and swing and tease
But first he says, “Tessa, would you please,
By my best friend when it’s time for sleep
And hold me oh so tight and squeeze?”

Next comes snake that likes to say “Hiss….”
Now this is a best friend you won’t want to miss
She likes to sliver and slink and slide
And curl up right at your side
Then she likes to climb a jungle tree
And settle in for a nap on a breeze

Then there is a green frog with yellow on his tummy
He likes to hop a lot and be rather funny
First he croaks and then he blurbs
And then he sings a song that is rather absurd
He likse lily pads and moonlight on the pond
For that is when he sings his best song.

Then there is a bright orange fish
With eyes that you just can’t miss.
You’ll want to add this little buddy to your list
For she dives and wiggles and makes a wish
That Tessa will swim in the deep blue sea
And choose this fish for a best friend to be.

Next you’ll see lizard climbing walls at night
When you turn out the lights and the stars shine bright.
This buddy is quite a mysterious sight
Who likes moon-light and never wants to fight
He just likes to hang and stay rather still
And before you know it your heart is filled.

Now with her five new friends, Tessa won’t be lonely.
She will hug them all and say rather boldly,
“You are all my best friends, I like you all the same.”
Then she’ll throw them in the air for her favorite game.

“You are all my best friends, I like you all the same.”
Then she’ll throw them in the air for her favorite game.


Happy Birthday Lily

Lily’s Song
Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you so - my little Lily.

There is a girl named Lily
Who has a great big smile
If you take her little hand
She will walk with you a while

Sometimes she feels dancey
As she twirls all around
And sometimes she feels quiet
And won’t make a single sound

Sometimes she feels artsy
So she draws a picture for me
Sometimes she feels like talking
Or is as playful as can be

Sometimes she likes to share a lot
With her little sister Eden
Other times she wants to snuggle
Cause she just feels like readin’

But every single day Lily
Has lots of love to share
Cause Lily is a sweetheart
With a heart just full of care

So if you’re very lucky
You’ll have Lily for your friend
She will be your best buddy ever
Right up to the end