Isabella is adopted today!

Isabella and the judge enjoying a moment together just after the adoption became official.
The judge gave Isabella an adoption bear so she could remember this day with joy.
Joseph and Martha with their two beautiful children Isabella and Bradley standing next to the judge.
Joseph and Martha's beautiful family with their grandparents.
All the loving family, friends and legal folks who attended the adoption hearing.
I've had the blessing of being present when several of my grandchildren were born. There is nothing quite as awe inspiring as adding the newest member of the family into our midst.

Today I am so grateful that I was able to be present when the newest member of our family joined us.

Isabella Baadsgaard was officially adopted by my son Joseph and his wife Martha this morning.

Isabella also has an older brother Bradley who was adopted into our family previously. I cannot express in words how much I love these precious children.

There is no greater gift than a new child to love.

May I express my gratitude and deepest respect for all those who are willing to take in foster children and give them a safe home, where they are given what every child deserves. . . to be wanted and loved.  May I also express my gratitude to social workers, lawyers and judges who put the safety and welfare of our children as their top priority. 

My favorite moment during the proceedings today was when the judge asked my son if he had bonded with Isabella. As the judge was asking the question, my sweet little granddaughter quietly stood and wrapped her arms around her new father with such unbridled affection and joy.
"Oh, yes," my son answered. "She is my princess."

Welcome Isabella. We all love you so much. We are so happy that you are in our family now and forever.


Jennie Brown Stephens said...

Absolutley amazing!! Your family never seems to dissapoint! I love love love the comment you made about Your son and his princess, tears were streaming down my cheeks. What a lucky little girl and big boy to be blessed with such a wonderful family like the Baadsgaards!!! God bless you all!!

Kristin said...

I loved this post. It brought back memories of when we finalized our adoption back in 2008 with our daughter. It was such an amazing day and one I will forever remember with such gratitude and love.