Happy Birthday Libby!

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday my precious Libby. I love you so.

Libby is the queen of everything
She likes to smile, and dance and sing
And when she wears her crown outside
Everything magic come alive
For Libby’s friends are fairies who know
When someone can be trusted to sew
Angel wings with spider web floss
And dew orb bracelets hidden in the moss

She raises her specter with great flair
And says to the birds, “I do so care
For all your lovely little songs
They make my heart sing along
To where wishes come alive at night
Seen only by fairies in the pale moonlight.”

At dusk she waves her scepter with flair
And says to the wee people who are there,
“I’ll bring my lantern here tonight
And watch your grand ball in the blue twilight.
So tell the king that I’ll be there
So his majesty must come prepared
To take my hand and fly with me
Where only our duel royal majesty
Can fly with grandeur through the sky
And float down children’s dreams by and by.”

Those who can imagine what they cannot see
Are royalty who will always be
Kings and queens with wings to fly
Where children’s wishes are made with a sigh.