Super Hero Creed

Happy Birthday Mitchell
I know you are a real super hero.
Here is a super hero creed
I wrote just for you
on your sixth birthday.

Never forget how much
your Grandma Baadsgaard loves you.

Mitchel Ross Moody’s Super Hero Creed


 I am Mitchel Ross Moody the super hero.

In all the eons of time, there will never be another super hero just like me.

I do not compare myself to other super heroes because we all have unique one-of-a kind powers. All super heroes are amazing.

My powers are deep inside me and they come out when I am kind, when I forgive and when I make friends with people who need a friend.

I am always looking for someone who needs my laser eyes that see deep into their soul. I am not fooled by outward appearances.

I treat everybody like they are a superhero too because they are. Everyone has hidden magic inside them.

The mean words other people say to me bounce off my bullet proof soul and never get inside to hurt me because I know I am the one who decides how I feel about me.

I choose not to feel bad about myself because I have the power to love people even when they choose not to love me back.

I treat each person with kindness and respect.

I have a good attitude when I make a mistake because I am learning and growing. When I do something wrong, I say I’m sorry and try again. I am still a good super hero.

I help people wherever I go.

I believe in the power of each person to change their life and change the world through love. 

I know I am amazing  . . . and I know everyone is amazing.

I know who I am. My value is constant and never gets smaller.

I see everyone as my equal. I believe each person deserves my respect.
Mitchell Ross Moody is the finest super hero I know.

I use my powers for good.

I am Mitchell Ross Moody and I have an important destiny to fulfill.
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April said...

Oh we all loved this! It was perfect for my super hero Mitchie!