Mitchel the Magnificent

This is a special story written for my magnificent grandson Mitchell on his third birthday. I love you Mitch.

(When a mother learns to see the world through the eyes of a child, she will never be the same again.)

One day Mitchell woke up and rubbed his eyes. Then he heard a bear downstairs. Mitchell quickly grabbed the sword next to his bed. He listened oh so carefully. Then he heard . . . thump . . . thump . . . thump coming up the stairs.
Mitchell gripped the handle to his sword and quickly crawled under his bed as the door to his bedroom creaked open. Mitchell closed his eyes as tight as he could. Then he heard the bear thump, thump, thump through his room and into the bathroom. Mitchell listened to the bear spit into the sink. Next he heard a strange gurgling sound, another bear growl and the toilet flush.
“Well, good morning Mitchell,” his father said walking out from the bathroom. What are you doing under your bed? I’m all ready for work now. How about a hug?”
Mitchell crawled out from under his bed and walked toward his father peeking around his legs to see if the bear was still in the bathroom.
“I’ll see you at supper time,” his father said after he gave Mitchell a big bear hug.
After lunch, Mitchell was playing with his blocks upstairs when he heard a space ship land in his dining room. He rushed to his closet, grabbed his moon boots and pirate hook then sneaked over to the stair railing to steal a look at the aliens.
Mitchell saw a large black shadow drift across the wall in the dining room. Then the space ship’s engine stopped. It was quiet. That’s when Mitchell heard thump, thump, thump coming up the stairs. Mitchell dived under his bed. Before he closed his eyes he saw two fuzzy pink alien feet inching toward him. He closed his eyes as tight as he could.
All of a sudden the space ship powered up right in his bedroom. Mitchell heard the engine roar get louder and louder then closer and closer. Mitchell scrunched against the wall as tight as he could. Then suddenly it was quiet. Mitchell opened his eyes. That’s when he saw two large red beady eyes staring at him.
“Mitchell?” what are you doing under there?” his mother said dressed in her fuzzy pink bathrobe and slippers.
Mitchell didn’t say a word. He crawled out from under his bed and looked around his mother who was holding the vacuum to see if the aliens were still there.
Then Mitchell’s mother gave him a big alien hug.
“It’s time for your nap,” his mother said.
“No!” Mitchell said drawing his sword. “I have to fight the bears and aliens.”
“Oh honey, there aren’t any bears or aliens in our house. Let me tuck you in.”
Mitchell gripped his sword tight to his chest as his mother pulled off his shoes. Then he crawled under the covers on his bed and yawned.
“Even Mitchell the Magnificent needs a good nap,” his mother said brushing his hair away from his forehead and kissing him on the cheek.
After his mother left, Mitchell peeked around the room to make sure no one was still lurking in the corners. Then he yawned, closed his eyes and rolled to his side. Right then he heard bad guys getting ready for battle. Thump, thump, thump. Mitchell heard them beating on their drums.
“Mom!” Mitchell screamed.
“What do you want?” Mitchell’s mother answered as she opened his door.
“The bad guys are coming,” Mitchell said.
“There are no bad guys in this house honey. Now go to sleep,” his mother said.
“Listen,” Mitchell said. “Put your ear right here.”
That’s when his mother smiled.
“Oh,” she answered. That’s your heart beating. “You can hear it when you put your ear on your pillow. I used to think it were bad guys beating on their war drums when I was a little too.”
“You did?”
“Yes. I kept a pointy umbrella next to my bed just in case.”
“I have a sword,” Mitchell answered.
“You are so brave,” Mitchell’s mother said.
“Yes,” Mitchell answered.
“Simply magnificent!” his mother finished.
Mitchell smiled. Then he yawned, closed his eyes and went to sleep.


April said...

Oh that story was just perfect!!! We all loved it!!!!

Becky said...

Happy birthday to one of the cutest, most bravest boys I know!!! xoxo from NH.

Arianne said...

Story is great and so are those photos!