Fairy Poem

by Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 5th birthday Kate. 
I sure do love you.

There is a tree at Grandma’s house,
Boughs hanging to the ground,
Where fairies dance at twilight
If you listen, you’ll hear their sounds

When you’re very quiet and eavesdrop carefully
You’ll hear their tiny bluebells chime
And see their flaxen lantern’s light
Then hear their voices sing a rhyme . . .

“We are your wishes – your dreams at bay
We paint the summer flowers bright
We spread the glisten in the trees
We make mid-night stars alight.”

“On your knees beneath the hanging boughs
You’ll see our tiny wooden chairs
Made with moss and well-trimmed sticks
You’ll find jewels for your hair.”

“No one knows where fairies hide
When grown-ups are about
So if children want to see us
They can’t scream and shout.”

“They must sit quietly upon the stone
Close their eyes and hold so still
Then they’ll hear our wings purring
And they’ll know that we are real.”

If you’re very lucky we might be brave
And light upon on your hand
That is the time for you to wink and smile
For now you’re in fairyland.” 

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