I have been asked by the LDS church to write a history of the Payson Temple from 2010-2015. I only have a few months to complete this book. It will be a nice hard back book that will be placed in the cornerstone box at the temple and up at the church history department in SLC. This book will not be bought and sold - it will be the official history for the church.

I need stories/experiences/photos from all of you on:
when you heard the announcement about the temple and how you felt
personal experiences at the groundbreaking
temple site history or personal experiences
personal experiences watching angel Moroni being placed/lights go on
personal stories from neighbors who have watched the temple going up
personal stories from construction workers, artists, designers, etc (anyone who has worked on the temple in any way)
any information about general authorities with local ties to the area any church unit/community involvement personal experiences.

Then as the dedication nears I'll need your personal stories/photos about:
open house experiences
cultural celebration experiences
dedication experiences
your first visit to the temple when opened.
I will not be able to do a good job on this assignment without your help. Your story is of great worth to me and the history of this wonderful temple about to be opened on our area. Please get the word out for me.
Send your stories/photos to: janenebaadsgaard@q.com
If you have any questions please call me at:

If you want to read a newspaper article about this history book click here.

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