Happy Birthday Isabella

Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you Izzy. I hope you like this poem I wrote just for you.

Izzy is a soft grey monkey
Who lives up in the trees
And if you want some excitement
Just whistle if you please

For Izzy likes to dance and play
And swing from limb to limb
She smiles your way if you say
Monkeys don’t have to be prim

While some monkeys like bananas
Izzy would rather eat pie
So if you bring her a yellow bunch
Izzy rolls her eyes and sighs

Izzy likes to give big hugs
And lots of snuggles too
So if you’re ever sad or lonely
Just ask for one or two

 For monkeys have lots of energy
They simply can’t sit still
But if you need a pick-me-up
Izzy’s love is for real

If you’re looking for a boring monkey
who is quiet and holds still all day
You better look somewhere else
For Izzy’s here to stay

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