When You Can't Hold Still

When You Can’t Hold Still
Granny B
Happy first birthday little Griffen.
I miss you and love you SO much.

There is a boy named Griffen
With a motor in his middle.
When mom says hold still
He thinks it is a riddle.

"Hold still"means to jump
And "be quiet" means to roar.
"Sit down" surely means
Jump off the couch and soar.

“Oh No!” means mom is crazy
And “No -No!” makes you cagey
When Dad says, “Get down from there.”
You smile and take it as a dare.

 Bath time means to run away
Before your mom can ruin your day.
Diaper change is such a chore
For this little boy we all adore.

But story time now that’s the gem
They take you in their arms . . . and then -
They sing the words into your heart
So you can’t get the wiggles to start.

And before you know it, you’re fast asleep.
They put you to bed - then take a peek.
For a little boy who’s full of giggles
Now there isn’t even one little wiggle.

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