Poem for a Four-Year-Old

KATIE La Mazie
by Granny B
Happy 4th birthday my sweet little Kate.

When you are four
you’re never a bore.
You dance in a twirl
and take bows galore

You won’t eat your cheese
Or turnips or peas.
But you’ll eat lots of candy;
some more if it’s handy.

When it’s time for a snooze
You don’t want to loose
So you pout and you muse
It’s playtime you choose

                                    Then before you know it
Your eyes droop a bit
And you’re off to drift
With no place to sit

So you find a soft place
And a blanket with lace
A purple unicorn pillow
With a song in the middle

Then rub your eyes
And droop to the side
And you’re out like a light
With moonbeams in sight

For Katie La Mazie
Is bright as a daisy
Though when she gets lazy
She’s a little bit crazy

But when she is sleeping
Her parents are peeking
And kissing her cheeks

For their dreams are complete

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