Climbing Mountains

Granny B
Happy tenth birthday Sandy.
I love you very much.

            My name is Sandy.
I climb mountains.
            When you climb mountains you need to wear a good shade hat to keep your face protected from the sun and comfortable hiking shoes. You also need to bring along water and food. But the best thing to bring is persistence and a positive attitude. Persistence means not stopping when you feel like it. A positive attitude means you don’t complain even when you’re doing something hard.
            The first time I climbed a mountain, I thought it would be too hard for me. I found out that I am strong.
            When you climb a mountain you always reach a place where you feel like stopping or giving up. That is the time for a short rest, not giving up.
            Sometimes you get hot and tired. That is the time for a drink and a snack.
            Mountains are like life. It is hard to keep going sometimes; but if you do, you get to see your world from the top.
Up on top the wind cools you down and see your life below from a new perspective. The fields look like a patch-work quilt. The cars look like ants and the roads like ribbons. You see patterns that you can’t see when you’re down below.
            I feel closer to God on top; like if I wave my arms, He can see me and hear me.
            I feel brave on top because I had to fight through being grouchy and tired.
            I feel light on top; like I could fly if I just had wings.
            I feel beautiful on top because I know I’m strong
            I feel heroic on top because I didn’t give up.
            I feel fearless on top because I made it even though I felt like giving up.
            I feel reverent on top because I see better how I fit into God’s plan for me.
            I am Sandy.  
I come from a family who climbs mountains.

            When I am grown and have children of my own, I will teach them to climb mountains. 

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