Springtime Harvest of Love

Today I walked outside to get the mail and saw quail trailing across my driveway and into the protection of our towering pines. I heard the doves cooing in the locust tree and saw baby robins in a nest. Twenty three years ago my husband and I bought two acres in the country and lovingly planted hundreds of trees, bushes and flowers - and ten beautiful young children. Now all the native birds gather here  . . . so do those ten children so quickly grown and their spouses along with many, many grandchildren. When you plant with love there is always a season of harvest far beyond your dreams. 


Estella said...

What a lovely post, Janene. You live in such a beautiful part of the world! I have always felt that there is nothing quite so wonderful as springtime in Utah. I especially love the photo of you reading to your grandchildren. I am guessing that the amazing Arianne was the photographer...am I right? :0)

Janene Baadsgaard said...

So great to hear from you!Yes, Arianne took that picture. She is amazing.