Birthday Story for a Six-Year-Old

Logan and the Magic Gum Ball Machine
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy sixth birthday to a very special boy I love very much.
I hope you have a great day.

When Logan unwrapped a gum ball machine for his sixth birthday, he smiled, looked up and said, “Thank you Grandma.”
When their eyes met, his grandma winked at him. Then his grandma did something rather peculiar. She stood up, rubbed her tummy once, hopped up and down twice, then twirled around three times.  
Logan’s eyes popped open. His grandma did not often do those sorts of things. He wondered if she was giving him a secret code. Logan liked having his birthday in April because that is when everything was coming back to life. But even more than he loved spring, Logan loved bubble gum. He especially liked to stuff several pieces of gum into his mouth all at once until his mouth was so full he could barely chew.
Logan usually chewed up all his new gum the first day but this time he had a plan to make his gum last. He decided to eat one colored ball a day.
 On the first morning he picked a red gum ball. All of a sudden Logan felt terrifically grumpy. He stomped into the kitchen and glared at the table.
“Who ate all my favorite cereal?” Logan yelled.
“Wow. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?” his mother asked.
Logan crunched his eyebrows and frowned.
“My bed is against the wall. There is no wrong side.”
That whole day Logan was perturbed, annoyed and short tempered. His family was happy when he went to bed that night.
The next day Logan chose a yellow gum ball. All of a sudden Logan felt happy and warm inside. He took a long bath, brushed his teeth without being asked and got dressed for the day.
“Good morning Mom,” Logan said with a big smile at breakfast.
“Why Logan,” his mother said, “I don’t know what has got into you, but I like it.”
All that day Logan cheerfully sang a song while he emptied the trash, fed the bunny and swept the kitchen floor. He read his brother Liam three books, put his baby brother Gideon to sleep and then carefully organized all his toys. He even mated and color coded the socks in his sock drawer.
“Pardon me please,” he said at supper whenever he burped.  
“Thank you for this delicious meal,” Logan said when he finished.
“Logan, I like you better this way,” his older brother Sam said.
The next day Logan decided to eat a blue gum ball. Suddenly he felt sad. The hangnail on his big toe made him cry. When his brother poked him in the side at breakfast, he burst into sobs.
“Logan you’re being a little dramatic,” his father said. “Every little thing is not worth crying over. Buck up kid.”
Pretty soon Logan grew confused about his jumble of days. He just didn’t feel like himself. While he was in bed on the third night, he tried putting all the puzzle pieces together. He thought about how he felt on the day he ate each color . . . yellow - happy, red - mad, blue - sad. Then he remembered his grandma’s strange dance demonstration at his birthday party. Maybe that was the clue.
The next day Logan chose a green ball. He immediately grew two feet. The buttons on his shirt popped off and his long pants became shorts. Logan bumped his head on the door frame. When he walked into the kitchen for breakfast his mother screamed and his baby brother laughed.
Suddenly Logan got a super idea. He rubbed his tummy once, jumped up and down twice and turned around three times. Suddenly Logan shrunk two feet.
“I never know what to expect with you,” his mother said.
“Do it again,” my younger brother Liam laughed.
“Wow,” his sister Sophia said.
“I wish I could do that,” his brother Sam said.
“Well,” Logan answered, “you just need a little magic gum ball machine. And when things get tough, don’t forget your grandma dance.”

I wonder what will happen when I chew my purple ball tomorrow, Logan thought. And orange, that could be interesting.

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