Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 7th birthday Isabella. Here is a poem I wrote just for you.

Isabella’s grandma loved her oh so dearly
And she enjoyed her hugs most sincerely
And when she saw Izzy’s beautiful smile
Grandma longed to stay with her a while

But soon there were books to be read
And jammies to put on and time for bed
So Grandma thought of a perfect way
To be with Isabella every single day.

She made a soft pink blanket with white polka dots
And a small soft doll Izzy could hug a lot
So she could wrap up in the blanket whenever she felt sad
And hug her doll when she felt scared or mad

 But there was still one thing Grandma wanted to do
For the times when Izzy got the school day blues
So she cut a tiny piece of soft blanket just so
Izzy could tuck in my her pocket and go

So now everywhere that Isabella went
She had all the love Grandma had sent
And when it was time for bed you see
She had a doll and a blanket so she could always be

Loved by her Grandma where ever she was
For Grandma’s big love is just because
For Isabella is a granddaughter supreme

And Grandma’s little majesty the queen

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