My new grandsons Griffen and Daniel

This Thanksgiving season I am most grateful for my newest grandsons Griffen and Daniel.
There is no greater miracle than the birth of a new child.
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Nobody can do for little children
what grandparents do.
Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust
over the lives of little children
~Alex Haley

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shirlgirl said...

They are precious! My nephew Zachary and his wife Alana just had a new son born on the 23rd of November. He joins his sister Ruthie and three brothers--Gabriel, David, and Kenny. Ruthie is now the "big sister" as she is the youngest. Lincoln Moroni Hutchins is a blonde with chunky cheeks. They now live in Colorado where Zach is Assistant Professor of English at Colorado State. He spent three years at BYU teaching.