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Christina Dymock recently sent me a PDF copy of her new book titled Young Chefs . . . Cooking skills and recipes for kids. I usually don't review cook books but I really liked this one.Why? This book has recipes so simple even I might try them. While most of my children are grown, I usually have a lot of grandchildren running around the house looking for something to do. Cooking together is a great way to link the generations.
My favorite quote from the author is, "I like to think of a new recipe as a science experiment. Not all experiments work the first time. (She must have been peeking in my windows.)Sometimes cakes fall flat and eggs get burned. When that happens, don't get discouraged. Figure out what went wrong and try again."

The book has clear simple directions and pictures of the recipe when it is finished. I also like the tool box where it shows everything you need to assemble before you begin.

This is what the author said about her new book:
"You know those papers they make you write in elementary school that start with: When I grow up I want to be a ______ ? Well, I can’t ever remember what I wrote in that little blank. I have friends that knew they wanted to be writers the first time they held a pen in their hand. I guess the closest thing I came to that was the first time I licked the frosting off a beater. (Hmmmm frosting)

 Now I pass those beaters to one of my four lucky children. (Usually the one who has all their chores done. J) My kids were the inspiration for this book. I wanted to write something that adults could use to teach kids different cooking skills. Young Chefs was a whole family effort as I observed my kids in the kitchen, gauged my stress level while handing over the oven mitts, and baked to the oldies." 
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arianne said...

This sounds fun. I'd like to see her recipes.