Wonderful Day at BYU Women's Conference 2013

My daughter April Moody was a presenter at BYU Women's Conference yesterday. I loved attending her presentation and being taught by her. One of the greatest blessings of motherhood is seeing your children grow into such mature and loving adults who are a blessing to all those around them.

We spent a wonderful day together on campus soaking in great food, classes and the lively concert that evening. BYU is so beautiful in the spring.

We were both overwhelmed with the goodness of all the women who attended. All the women there are trying so hard to live good lives. Their countenances literally shone with inner light.

Thank you for inviting me to spend the day with you April. I loved every minute of it.


arianne said...

Wish I could have heard her. I'm glad she had you. Those are cute photos!

shirlgirl said...

What a special day for the both of you. Like your "framed" picture, too!