Announcing the release of : HEALING FROM NEGLECT. . . When Those We Love Don't Love Us

I'm happy to announce the release of my newest book titled "HEALING FROM NEGLECT . . . When Those We Love Don't Love Us."

My goal with this book and an earlier release titled "HEALING FROM ABUSE. . . How The Atonement of Jesus Christ Can Heal Broken Hearts and Broken Lives" is to help and heal. Ending all the destructive relationships in my life and writing these two books has changed my life.

I did not write these books to make money for myself. I use all the money I make from these books to buy copies and give them away for free to any one who needs one.

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Amy said...

Sweet! Thanks for letting us know about the sale, I just bought a few.

arianne said...


Estella said...

Just ordered my copy, Janene! What a great price--thanks for the hot tip! :0) I am very much looking forward to reading this book! And how like you to use the proceeds from your book sales to purchase copies for those who are in need of help and healing. You're awesome!