Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Andrew
I love you so very much.
Thanks for coming to my house on your birthday.
Here's a poem I wrote just for you.


Andrew is three - so you better see
While two was just great, Andrew can’t wait
So up he grows from his head to his toes
Then takes a tumble on a bee that is bumble
And squishes tomatoes and grabs mashed potatoes

 Andrew is three – so you better see
That three is the best ‘cause there’s no time to rest
He glides in the swing till imagination takes wing
And runs down the street and sneaks lots of treats
Then shrieks to the sky as the birds pass him by

 Andrew is three – so you better see
He’s the king of the hill and the hero of real
When it’s time for his bath he finds inner wrath
Then fights dragons rare in all of his bare
For he can’t sit still without a making a spill

 Andrew is three - so you better see
He plops his sleepy head on his blanket for a bed
Mom kisses him goodnight and turns out the light
Then the moon begins to rise just as Andrew sighs
Then his eyes are half-mast before dreams are cast

Andrew is three – so you better see
He needs to be hugged and tickled on the rug
Then poof he is grown – and soon starts to roam
Who was all yours today, leaves to find his own way
         So shout hooray, for he’s all yours today!
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