Poem For a Five-Year-Old

Emma’s Poem

By Grandma Baadsgaard

Here is a poem I wrote just for you
on your fifth birthday
I love you very much

 When you’re turning five
You sure know you’re alive
You’re learning all the letters
So your reading can be better

If you practice it a lot
You can learn to skip and hop
And if you’re really brave
You might start a two-wheel craze

Learning all your numbers
Makes you kind of slumber
And eating lots of beans
Makes your eyes look mean

So sometimes you say, “No!”
But Mommy just says, “So . . .”
Then you’re back to feeling mad
With squishy eyes that are so sad

But when Daddy throws you way up high
You know that you can touch the sky
And when you come back down again
We’re not so sure just where you’ve been

For turning five gives you wings to fly

And far too soon you’ll be six by and by
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