Two Budding Artists Display Their Work at the Springville Art Museum

Alisa receiving her award
Art museums are usually reserved for the talented elite. When we browse the galleries we have come to expect the best and most brilliant work of renowned artists. Yet all great artists were once a child – a child who was encouraged and mentored to develop their talent.

Alisa next to her art work
The people who mentor and encourage children are often unknown and unseen - and that is the way they like to weave their magic. The Springville Art Museum and a generous donor sponsor a “Christmas Lamb Show” each holiday season where they ask children to submit their personal art work. From the hundreds submitted, they choose a few to display at the museum and also give the winners a certificate and a small cash award.

Sophia receiving her award
Sophia next to her art
If you’re looking for something touching to do this Christmas season, stop by the Springville Art Museum. In a special gallery surrounded by sculptures and paintings by famous artists, you will find a gallery that displays the work of budding artists. One of those pieces of art on display was created by my twelve-year-old daughter Alisa and another one was created by my seven-year-old granddaughter Sophia. Helping children develop talents in the arts will help these future adults to see more, feel more and relish the wonders of life more. When we stop worrying about being "good" at something and simply enjoy the magic of creating music, art or literature we open our hearts to the deepest pleasures and richest rewards of life.  
One of the pieces that was not chosen for display
 but was equally deserving was my nine-year-old grandson Samuel's painting.
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