Memories of Trek at Martin's Cove Wyoming 2012

My husband and I and our son John participated in a four day trek at Martin's Cove in Wyoming a few days ago. It was a holy experience I'll never forget. Every single person there, both leader and youth, cheerfully did more than their share of work. Everyone pulled and pushed and served each other with a smile. When you are in the middle of nowhere, you depend on each other to stay alive. We were able to leave the frantic pace of our usual lives and experience a piece of heaven right here on earth - as if we created our own Zion. Dressing in period clothing, pulling handcarts and camping in the actual place where our ancestors struggled and died and where brave men came to their rescue was a tender and spiritual experience I'll never forget.
Stopping for a rest

We were divided into "families" with a ma and pa and 8-10 children.
All the women participated in a "woman pull" where we pushed and pulled the handcarts up Rocky Ridge alone. The men stood at attention with their hats over their heart to honor our strength and courage.
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We set up and took down tents each morning and night and and cooked our meals on the vast prairies.
This is the first handcart on the woman's pull. I'm on the right. Angels came to help us. 
River crossing.

There was hill after hill of sage, blaring sun and no trees.

One of my favorite moments was at sunset during testimony meeting.

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