We Remember you . . . Thoughts On Memorial Day

This was a tender Memorial Day for our family. We spent the morning hiking to the top of a mountain - which has become a holy journey for me. I feel closer to God when I am on top of a mountain . . . but I don't get there without effort and pain.

Hiking a mountain is not easy.

Life is not easy.

This was the first Memorial Day when someone in our family has left this life rather out of turn . . .  before his parents, before even his grandparents. Though it has been a few months, our hearts are still raw.

Our family traditions on Memorial Day give honor to those who have passed. After we hiked the mountain, we visited my parent's grave in Salem and went around the circle remembering and saying something we loved about my mother.

Then we visited the Pioneer Cemetery in Spanish Fork where we remembered our pioneer dead and especially a great-grandfather Nathanial Jordan who is buried there. I was happy to see a new story board there that had bronzed the words I gave at the re-dedication ceremony several years ago. Here are those words . . .

"So, to the dead who were laid to rest here we say . . . we remember you . . . we remember your name . . . we remember your bravery in the face of hardship. We remember the babies who died in your arms. We remember your pain and tears. We remember all you gave up for us. Yet we also remember your joy and your boldness to begin anew in spite of trials and hardship. Because of you we also desire to find new courage to move ahead with our own lives in spite of the challenges we face today. Because of you we remember spring follows the winter and a new dawn always follows even the darkest night."

Next we visited Ross's parent's graves and walked through the flags of all the fallen soldiers from Spanish Fork who died fighting in the wars for our freedom.

Finally we visited my grandson Caleb's grave. His parents are still in the process of picking out a granite marker for his grave but a sweet friend had given them a temporary marker. We really miss Caleb. Watching my daughter and her husband and children mourn has broken my heart. Yet I know that we will see sweet Caleb again.  I know that those we love who have passed will be with me again. Even then, that sure knowledge doesn't take away the longing to be with Caleb, to hold him, to feel the warmth of his skin next to mine.

Yet it is healing to remember, to celebrate those who have gone ahead without us. Honoring those we love who have died, also honors the precious life we have left to live. Pin It

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shirlgirl said...

Lovely post on thoughts of Memorial Day. Thank you for sharing. I didn't get to the cemetery as it is a 60 mile drive one way to the Cape. Traffic for Memorial Day weekend was extremely heavy, and I didn't dare take that drive alone. I know that a flag was placed at his grave and will be there until the 4th of June. I'm sure the cemetery was as beautiful with all of the flags as last year. I'll send you a picture in an email so you can see how beautiful the cemetery is with all of the flags honoring all of those who have passed on before. Blessings to all of you.