Say "I love you," with a WINK

My daughter April has started a new tradition in her family. She calls it their "wink" day. She was looking for a way to honor her son Caleb's life. Caleb is her seven-year-old son who recently passed away. April and her family go to Caleb's grave site once a month with their journal in hand. Then they write down a way they can love someone. Caleb brought so much love into their family that she wants to keep it going.

In case you didn't know, Caleb was born without one of his eyes. He had one eyelid permanently closed with cute little eye-lashes. So he was always "winking" at us. This meant a lot to us because in our family winking was our secret code for saying "I love you," when we were out in public.

Caleb was also born without a brain so he was never able to say, "I love you with words." But he knew our secret code - so he was always saying, "I love you."

Now whenever the Moody family goes on a trip, they take large cards with the letters W I N K so they can always take their brother and his message alone with them. Caleb's nurse even brought along the WINK letters on her recent cruise.

So if you're lonely of sad, create your own WINK day. Remember Caleb - then find someone who needs your love.
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shirlgirl said...

I love the new tradition, and I see that Hailey brought her WINK on the cruise with her. I thought that was awesome. Caleb will always be with you. He was a precious spirit.