Spending Time in Moroni Utah

I spoke to the women and their daughters of the Moroni Stake tonight about the joy of service.
Many of those who attended shared their personal experiences and I learned so much from them.
My husband has worked with many of the turkey growers in Sanpete County for years
and we have both grown so love the people who live in this beautiful rural community.
Thank you for inviting me. I loved being with all of you tonight.

Many people in Sanpete County, Utah work in the turkey business

I love the quiet unhurried pace of life in Moroni.
Snow capped mountains and well groomed fields are a common sight in this community.  My favorite part is the friendly down to earth people who always have a ready smile and a handshake.
The people of Moroni restored this opera and dinner house.
I love the quiet country-side in Sanpete County.
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shirlgirl said...

Love the pictures. Does that turkey know that he might be on someone's dinner table in November? Glad you enjoyed your visit. Nothing like the quiet of the farm areas and the beauty.