Happy Birthday Logan!



Grandma Baadsgaard

Logan, this is a story I wrote just for you on your fourth birthday.  I hope you know how much I love you and proud of you I am for being so brave and true. Our family really needs you.

  When Logan’s mother took him to the park, she couldn’t see the green dragon with bright yellow eyes hiding in the tree. But Logan did. When the dragon raised his scaly wings all the leaves trembled.
Logan trembled.

Then Logan remembered he was wearing his red cowboy boots.

Whenever Logan wore his red cowboy boots, he became Logan-the-Large.

Logan quickly scanned the park with eagle eyes to find a sharp stick to defend his family.

          “Why do you always wear those boots?” his mother asked. “They don’t match with anything and they are two sizes too big.”

          Logan looked straight at his mother, clenched his jaw and said, “Because.”

          But Logan knew. Sometimes his mother and father didn’t see the dragons. Someone had to defend his family. Logan’s parents said that dragons aren’t real. They are just in his imagination.

          But Logan knew imagination is real.

          “What are you doing with that branch?” his mother asked as Logan dragged a big tree branch toward her. “It is much too big for you. Just find a small stick to play with.”

          But Logan knew fighting large dragons required large weapons even when you’re wearing your red cowboy boots.

          “I need this one,” Logan said. “I have to fight the dragon.”

          Then Logan climbed the tree and waved his weapon. The dragon retracted his wings and cowered.

          Next Logan yelled, “Get out of here you mean dragon!”

          The dragon didn’t move as green and brown leaves covered him with camouflage.

          Next Logan shook the tree.

          The dragon melted into the tree trunk and slowly disappeared.

          Logan climbed down from the tree and stamped his foot.

          “I am Logan-the-Large and I slay dragons!” he roared.

          “Oh Logan,” his brother Sammy said rolling his eyes. “Watch me! I can do flips on the monkey bars!”

          “Oh . . . Logan,” his sister Sophie sighed. “There you go again.”

          Logan looked at his mother and waited for her to clap. But his mother couldn’t clap because she was holding his little brother Liam  . . . again. It seemed like she was always holding Liam instead of clapping for him.

          Logan’s mother looked into her son’s eyes and then she knew.

          “Oh Logan,” Logan’s mother said. “You scared the dragon away. Thank you for saving our family my brave son.”

          Logan puffed out his chest, rubbed his red boots and smiled. For now he knew that he would always be Logan-the-Large and save his family from every sneaky dragon.
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shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Logan. What a wonderful story that your Grandma wrote for you. Every time I think of dragons, I will think of you and how you saved your family from the dragon. I love your red cowboy boots. They rock!

Amy said...

Tessa was very excited to see a picture of Logan. She just loves him!

arianne said...

Love this.