Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew is Turning Two
By Grandma Baadsgaard
When you’re turning two, you have a lot of work to do
But some don’t understand, what makes your life so grand
There are dozens of toilet paper rolls to unzip on the floor
And shiny silver handles you just have to flush once more
You are king of the hill in high chair land,
or digging for treasure in the back yard sand
Before the day is over, there are cell phones to hide
and a long set of stairs waiting for a tummy slide
When you hear water running you just have to undress
And eat lots of food before it is blessed
There are cats to kick and noses to pick
and lots of gooey worms to smear and to stick
There are ants to squish and new friends to enlist
And adult appointed naps time you just want to miss
You have to figure out how everything works
And make careful plans to drive mom berserk
There are bubbles to pop and spilled milk to mop
People to become like firemen and cops
But when the day is over you just want your mom
She rocks you to sleep and sings you a song
                 Though you’re a hand-full, you’re not two for long.                         
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Karen said...

Sandy was wondering if Andrew's story was up yet. Grandma always delivers! Thank you for a very sweet and accurate poem for a darling little rascal.

shirlgirl said...

Very sweet poem, and Happy Second Birthday, Andrew!

Sallyseashell said...

Love this darling poem!