Sister Love - Fine Art for the Soul

When I was raising my daughter Arianne, I don't remember a time when she didn't have a pad of paper and a drawing pencil in her hand. Running through life was not enough for her . . . she wanted to stop, savor, relish and re-create the rich details of the beauty she quietly observed around her.

Now Arianne is a mother of four young children and she spends her days home schooling and creating with her children.

When Arianne's nephew Caleb died a few weeks ago, her heart longed to help her sister April at such a tender time . . . so she took out her camera and her oil paints. She spent hours taking photos and creating a stunning and emotional hard bound book with images of Caleb's final dressing at the mortuary, funeral and burial to give her sister. Then she dusted off her old oil paints and brushed the final strokes on her latest masterpiece . . . an oil painting of Caleb.

This painting of Caleb is the first thing April sees when she wakes up in the morning and the last thing she sees when she goes to sleep.

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shirlgirl said...

What a beautiful gift!