March River Walk

For family night tonight
we took a walk. 

One of our favorite places for walking
is along the Spanish Fork River trail near our home. 
Here there is 
water falling over rocks
wind rushing dry leaves across the path 
creaking trunks of aging trees
 sudden song of meadow-lark
deer grazing in the fields. 

Here winter is melting away 
yet in the mountains nearby, 
snow and ice hold fast.

In our hope
we know warm is coming.
Spring is around the next bend,
just out of sight.
Cold and ice will leave our quiet pastures
our towering mountains.

The grip of death 
can not hold fast for long.
Then all that was lost - will return to living.  
These beautiful pictures were taken by my daughter Arianne who continues our family tradition as she takes walks with her own young family now.
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arianne said...

Beautiful words. I love going on walks with you!

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely post. Thanks for sharing.