Happy Birthday Tessa!

Happy Birthday Tessa.

I love you and miss you very much.
This is a poem I wrote just for you on your one-year-old birthday

Tessa Van Dressa and Poodalee Pie


Grandma Baadsgaard

Tessa Van Dressa and Poodalee Pie
Smiles at her Momma as she walks by.
She sings to her Granny who calls on the phone
Then squeals with delight when Daddy comes home.

When Mommy is cooking Tessa makes pan lid pie
Pounds on the sides and breathes a big sigh.
Then when she hears, “Who made this big mess?”
Tessa Van Dressa can’t even guess.

For messes are magic when you’re just turning one
And Tessa is shiny like the noon day sun.
She sings when she’s happy and cries when she’s sad
And makes even rainy days seem not so bad.

Our Tessa Van Dressa is one year new.
Our family adores her and who even knew
That Tessa doesn’t care what we do or say
She just wants to know if we’re ready to play.

Tessa is a treasure we all savor today
For soon she’ll be grown and move far away.
We know babies are diamonds and rubies and more
Lucky the family with a baby in store.

Before you are ready the newness is done
Walking and talking now has begun.
We take down tiny linens and fold them away
For a new change of season is at bay.

Our Tessa Van Dressa will always be loved
More than the oceans or the sky above
More than sands on the great ocean floor
More than forever and a little bit more.

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arianne said...

Happy birthday, Tessa!

shirlgirl said...

What a beautiful poem for Tessa. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

April said...

We love you sweet Tessa!

Amy said...

Thanks mom! I kept her from crumpling or eating the paper copy so she can still read it when she gets older.

Amy said...

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