Dallan Moody Is Speaking at the BYU Devotional

My son-in-law Dallan Moody will be speaking at the BYU Devotional on March 6th at 11:00 AM in the Marriot Center on BYU campus in Provo Utah. Dallan is without a doubt one of the most amazing men I've ever known. Devotionals are open to the public and they are also broadcast live on channel 11. This will be a speech you won't want to miss. I'll be sitting on the front row "winking" Dallan. I love you.  MOM
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shirlgirl said...

He's such a handsome young man, too. Who could keep his eyes off of him. Wish I could be there to hear him. Blessings to all.

Estella said...

Janene, we have BYU TV. I will look forward to hearing Dallan's talk!

robb said...

Hi, its with a very heavy heart, a full heart that i send this comment after hearing Bro Dallan Moody March 6th 2012 Devotional. I watched him via KYBU-dishnetwork. We live in Naperville, IL.
So few of us in life ever go thru something so traumatic, life ever changed set of circumstances.
Mere words cannot describe how my tears flowed listening to Dallan, for I had gone thru such a similar set of circumstances that i well know the path April, Dallan and family, friends have taken a journey that can and does change how we deal with these set of circumstances.
How anyone could go thru this without the faith of the Lord is beyond me...and a day pops up and one realizes that its not about the person who is being given care, it is the ones giving the care that find a new humility, a stronger faith in testimony, and a great compassion than ever imagined.
Thank Dallan for me, I am in awe of his talk and this exceptional family.
With much Love,
Robb Rogers BYU '79