New Horizon's Orchestra Concert On Thursday

I play the violin in an orchestra that is giving a free concert this Thursday night (November 10th) at 7:00.  The concert will be held at Maple Mountain Stake Center across the street from the new Maple Mountain High School in Spanish Fork, Utah.  That bit of information may not seem particularly interesting unless you know the rest of the story . . .

When I was a girl I told my mother I wanted to learn to play the violin.  She told me that playing the violin was only for rich children.  I believed her and sang in the choir instead.  Several years ago I learned about a unique orchestra in Utah County.  This orchestra welcomes beginners.  In fact you must be over forty years old to join.  Everyone with a few hours a week to spare is invited to be part of a unique and life changing experience.  You are asked to bring your own instrument, music stand and several music books that we play from  So I'm learning how to play the violin even though I well over fifty.

Andrew Dabczynski, from the BYU School of Music, is our director along with several graduate assistants.  Undergraduate students enrolled in music education at BYU come to our rehearsals and practice leading us as part of their music education program.  So basically we are all students helping students who are helped by students.

Do we sound like the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra? No.  But that doesn't matter. We have so much fun learning together.  I never get through a rehearsal without laughing or having tears come to my eyes.  Making music is such an incredible joy. 

Playing in the orchestra has also sparked an interest in my children who are still living at home.  My son John has learned to play the bass and now my daughter Alisa is learning to play the cello at their local schools.  I guess they think, if Mom can do it, I can do it. 

If you've ever wanted to play in an orchestra come Thursday night and check us out.  I'd love to tell you how to join.  I'm so happy that I didn't let this experience pass me by.  We're never too old or too dumb to try something new.  Being a beginner at my age is the best fun I've had in years.   

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April said...

Can't wait to see you perform!