Happy Birthday Bradley!

                    Bradley Joel has a heart of gold
                    And the brightest smile in town
                     He gives the biggest, tightest hugs
                     His energy never winds down

He likes to run and jump and play
And read a lot of books
He does back flips and cartwheels too
And helps his mother cook

When he comes to Grandma’s house
He never passes me by
He smiles and says, “I love you.”
That always makes me sigh.

Bradley Joel is a wonderful boy
He has a place in my heart
No matter how big or tall he grows
I hope we’re never far apart

For Bradley Joel is my special grandson
Sent to me from above
We will always be together now
For we’re sealed together in love.

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shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Bradley. I just read the story of your wonderful adoption into a wonderful family. Just like a special song that is entitled, "How Great Thou Art" (which is my very favorite). Hope you had a wonderful day. I know that the greatest gift you have received is love, and you have that every day. You are richly blessed, and I think your Granny B is an awesome person as is her entire family.