Trying to Balance Too Much?

Does it feel like you're trying to balance too much?

Balancing the complexities of life is impossible but that doesn't keep us from trying to do too much.  We think we should be able to do everything and carry a heavy load. 
One day at the point of exhaustion, we take a deep breath, stop and feel.  What am I doing to myself? 
 How can I simplify my life? 
*Take a few things off your plate. 
*Do less with more love. 
*Let everything go that does not bring you peace and joy. 
We don't have to do anything.  We choose to do what we do.  So let's choose wisely.  


shirlgirl said...

I've finally learned to say "no" to things that I always agreed to do, as I didn't want to disappoint anyone and felt that if I had the time, I could do whatever. Now, I do what I can and try to make the right choices. It isn't always easy, but I have to do what I feel is right for me. Thanks for your post of balancing one's life.

April said...

Wise words! LOVE YOU!! xo

Sallyseashell said...

What a simple post that speaks volumes! Thanks for your words and advice. I love your blog!