Writing is Awesome and Fun!

I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker at Larsen Elementary School today.  Three fifth grade classes joined together as we talked about one of my greatest loves - writing!  I had such a wonderful time with the enthusiastic teachers and students. 

My daughter Ashley is doing her student teaching at this school and will graduate from BYU in December. She is mighty lucky to have such a caring and professional teaching staff to work with her as she learns the fine art of teaching. I have the greatest respect and admiration for those who spend their lives helping children learn and grow. 
Thank you for inviting me.  I loved being with all of you today.  
Great student volunteers demonstrating how being a creator, writer and editor is all part of the writing process. 

My daughter Ashley and I standing behind her awesome fifth grade class at Larsen Elementary School

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shirlgirl said...

Oh, what a fun day for everyone! I wonder if any of those fifth graders will follow in your footsteps. You might have just planted the right seed.