Happy Birthday Kate!!!

Happy Birthday Kate!
I love you SO much.  Here is a poem I wrote just for you

Katie and Grandma

When Katie smiles for Grandma

And holds her hands up high

The day feels so much brighter

Even fairies breathe a sigh

Katie’s face lights up the room

Eyes sparkle like the sun

Her cheeks are soft and squishy

Legs are ready for a run

Katie likes to touch

Grandma’s silver hair

Then grab her wire glasses

And fling them in the air

Grandma doesn’t mind

She just plays peek-a-boo

For Katie will only be a baby

For just a year or two

Grandma soaks in all the love

As she kisses her downy hair

For Katie is Grandma’s treasure

They make a joyful pair.

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shirlgirl said...

What a sweet little girl. Happy Birthday, Kate. Loved your poem, too.