Hiking Kings Peak

Climbing mountains is not easy - but the view from the top is worth the struggle get there.

Each of us has mountains to climb in life but the change in our heart and our perspective is worth the struggle.

My husband Ross and my son John climbed the highest peak in Utah this weekend.  This hike takes several days and requires some good legs and lungs.  The first day you have to pack camping gear and food on your back then set up a base camp.  The next day you finish climbing to the peak. 

John is rightfully proud of his accomplishment.  He might not fully understand, until he almost sixty like his father, but hiking Kings Peak is also quite a feat for the man at his side. 

Kings Peak has become a rite of passage for the young men in our family.  Because Ross didn't want to miss having this experience with his youngest son, he has been up every morning  at 5:30 speed walking for a hour and a half ever since John was born fourteen years ago.  And when I say every morning that is what I mean - rain or shine. . . blizzard or sub-freezing temperatures do not stop this man.  

I have often asked myself what motivates a man to leave a warm bed every morning and venture into the harsh weather conditions of Utah year-round.  Now I know.   

Ross is motivated by love - deep abiding love for his family.  He knows he needs a strong healthy body to be the kind of husband and father he wants to be.  Ross has heavy responsibilities at work and at church so he fits in his exercise time while the rest of us sleep.  

Congratulations Ross and John! 

     You are both my heroes!    


shirlgirl said...

Ross certainly forges ahead, doesn't he? When the weather is miserable, I like to stay comfy cozy in the house. Congratulations to him and John on their hike. The pictures are awesome, and I'll bet they had some wonderful one on one time together as well.

Janene Baadsgaard said...

I love to read your comments. You are always so positive and uplifting.

April said...

Congratulations to two of my favorite men!