Grandmas Rule With a Soft Fist

DOWN HOME with Granny B
Make a friend with a grandma today for they are not always the quiet soft-spoken fragile women you might suppose.

* Grandmas know how to be fiercely tough if someone they love is in trouble.
* Grandmas love their family members with a loyalty and intensity you do not see in other relationships.  (You better not mess with this grandma's children or grandchildren.) 
* Grandmas are always your biggest fan.
* Grandmas have lived long enough to know what to fight for and what hills to die on.  They choose their battles carefully.
* Grandmas might not see or hear well but they love more deeply than the ocean.
*  Grandma might have yellow teeth and whiskers on their chin but they understand that true beauty always lies within.
* Grandmas would face a racing train or a firing squad if they thought if would save their child or grandchild.

So the next time you see a little old lady, just remember there is a mighty strong loving grandma residing in that tiny frail body . . . imagine her in super hero tights and a cape.  Grandmas Rock.  


arianne said...

I'd like to see you in tights and a cape.

Saedi said...

I love you Janene!!! You are so adorably wonderful. Dan told me that you sent me your love on Sunday and it made my whole day. I really appreciate your love and attention. I want to be just like you!!! Thank you so much!