My Home in the Rocky Mountains

I love my home
nestled in a quiet valley
at the base of the Rocky Mountains. 
Always my grand snow- capped guardians
are there -
towering above me - 
offering me a sense of wonder and protection. 

My family spends most of our free time exploring 
the mountains near our home.  
This weekend we hiked on Loafer Mountain
then took our four-wheelers to the top of Tower Mountain.         

Hiking in the Rocky Mountains near my home in Utah.

When I see blue sky I know the summit is near.

I'm always tempted to stop before I reach the top - yet always rewarded when I don't give up until I reach the summit. 

There is majestic beauty in the grand panoramic view at the summit - and in a simple leaf on stone.

While four-wheeling on Tower Mountain I met a bear.  Good thing he seemed as scared of me as I was of him.


arianne said...

Glad the bear wasn't angry. Wow. That's cool you saw one.

shirlgirl said...

Oh my goodness! Were you that close to the bear? You were very brave. Love this post, too!