Life Is So Fragile and So Dear

My son Joseph's appendix ruptured today.  He is in intensive care.  My heart aches for him and for every other person in pain.  As I took his fevered hand in mine and stroked his feet to comfort him today, I thought of the day he was born - his tiny body so soon parted from my own.  How I longed to keep him always safe and warm.  Yet God's design is so much grandeur than my own.

My children are God's greatest gifts to me.  How I love being their mother.  How I long to take their pain away.  Yet I am aware that all of life's deepest and most meaningful gifts of knowledge, wisdom and experience have come only through pain. 

In the past few weeks my grandson Caleb has been in the hospital with a life threatening condition, my daughter Amy had emergency surgery to have her appendix removed and now my son Joseph also has suffered a ruptured appendix.  All three conditions have brought my dear ones near death. 

Facing the tenuous nature of life so many times in such a few days has left me deeply humbled.  Life is so fragile and so dear. 

Through these difficult weeks I've watched as my healthy children have come to the aid of their brothers and sisters in pain with babysitting, meals, prayers, gifts, cards, phone calls, flowers and visits.  There is a deep abiding strength that comes when close loving family members bear each other burdens. 

Where there is great love, there are always miracles. 

Where there is great love, even life's most bitter moments can be sweet. 



shirlgirl said...

I am so sorry to hear about Joseph and hope and pray that he will be feeling better soon. Your family has quite a history of appendix problems. It's always hard to see your children in pain and grandchildren as well. Caleb is looking wonderful, and I hope he is doing well. I look at April's blog every day, but I know she is very busy with her little family. Janene, you are a very loving and wonderful mother, and I am sure that your children are so grateful to have you in their cheering section along with their siblings. Your family is certainly blessed with so much love and caring. Please let Joseph know that I will keep him and the family in my prayers for his return to good health.

Janene Baadsgaard said...

Dear Shirly,
Thank you so much for your comments. You are so kind and thoughtful. I wish you lived next door to me. God bless you. If you ever come to Utah, I want to meet you and give you the biggest hug of the world!

shirlgirl said...

Hi Janene, You can be sure if I ever do get to Utah, I will certainly make sure that I meet you and your wonderful family and also see April again.

HomeschoolRulz3 said...

You are a wonderful example of strength and great faith. We'll keep your family in our prayers.

jEnNiE sTePhEnS said...

I am a old, super old friend of Kyle's, we had a great circle of friends out in Provo while going to school. I was introduced to your blog through Aubrey and Kyle's blog. You are amazing, and I thank you for the words you say daily. Many times I am in need to hear just what you have to say. I have met you once up at the hospital, I was pregnant with my daughter Amelie....the day after kyle and Aubrey got married. You mentioned you loved the name I had chosen because it started with a A =) Thank you so much for being a inspiration to me. Hopefully you will do another book signing and i will be able to make it over and say hi to you!

Janene Baadsgaard said...

Dear Jennie,
Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes I remember meeting you in the hospital. I'm glad that you were such a good friend for Kyle. Our whole family loves him very much.

Janene Baadsgaard said...

So good to hear from you. How are you? I hope we'll always be friends.